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Commissions in Progress


2023  Commissioned by Dawn McConkie and Buffet Crampon Paris to write a composition for clarinet choir

2023  Commissioned by Joel Braun to write a compositio
n for piano and double bass

Past Commissions

2022  Commissioned by Liana Pailodze-Harron to write "Consonance"  and "Lacrimae" for soprano saxophone and piano; "Consonance" premiered by Thomas A. Giles, soprano saxophone and Liana Pailodze-Harron, piano in New York City.  Presented by Gotham Arts and Groupmuse


2022 Ukrainian Lullaby "Oy hodyt' Son" (arrangement for solo harp) commissioned by Caroline Leonardelli

2022 Skorblennaya Maty "Stabat Mater" (for SATB a capella chorus) commissioned by Ewashko Singers

2018  Commissioned by Dawn McConckie to write "Clarinet Quartet," premiered in Ostend, Belgium by MiamiClarinet at the International Clarinet Association's Clarinet Fest 2018 

2017  Commissioned by Alexandra Grigorieva (University of Toronto Permanent Representative in Canada, Association of the Northern Indigenous People of Siberia) to arrange "Tundra"  for Yurta Mira and the Evenki tribe.  Instrumentation: SATB choir, flutes, brass quartet, percussion and cello

2013  Commissioned by Thomas Sleeper and the Florida Youth Orchestra to write "Fantasy for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra" for soloist Dale Underwood

2008  Premiere of Oleg and Ariadna at Carnegie Hall; commissioned by the Florida Youth Orchestra/Thom Sleeper, conducted by Sofia Kraevska

2006  Release of Noli me Tangere on Albany Records, commissioned by the Ibis Camerata on the album Glisten

Commissioned by Valerie Von Pechy Whitcup to write "Nantahala" for string quartet and harp, premiered at the Highlands North Carolina Music Festival

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