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Ukraina Gloriosa (2022)
Arrangement of a song by O. Nyjankivsky
for SA choir and piano

I. Messiah (2020)

I. Christmas Evening (2020)

III. Father's Lullaby (2020)

Included in the Compilation of Choral Music for Children's Choir or Girl's Choir,
Solomiya Vesolovska, editor (Lviv, Ukraine, 2020)

Agnus Dei (2019)

for boy soprano (or soprano voices) and organ

O Gladsome Light (2018) (Svite tyhy)

(Fervent Litany)

Prydite (excerpt of Vespers) (2018)


Shevchenko Triptych (2015) 10 min.

for SATB choir

I. Zore (My Evening Star) for Nadiya Savchenko

II. Neophytes

Ill. Son (Dream)


00:00 / 03:06
00:00 / 02:05
00:00 / 04:01

Kyrie (2011)

for boy soprano, SATB choir and organ

Premiered by Choir Dudaryk in Lviv, Ukraine at the

Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church, June 21, 2015

00:00 / 03:01

Lux Benigna (Latin, 2008)

for SATB (and SATT) choir

Mnohaya Lita (arr. Ukrainian chorale)

for SATB choir

Calixa Lavallée Choir, Tabaret Hall, Ottawa, Canada

Laurence Ewashko, conductor

Wo die Alpenrosen Bluh'n (arr. Austrian folk song)

for SATB choir

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